CRMs are dull and boring… right?

Well, we don’t think so.

The AllClients Story

Jeff Shamus and Todd Binder started AllClients in 2004 after selling their first company, HealthPro. That’s 17 years at AllClients, plus 11 years at HealthPro for a total of 28 years working together as a team.

AllClients started out as “LoanClients” – a simple CRM for the mortgage industry. Loan Officers loved it, then it spread to Real Estate agents who loved it even more. When we accidentally started signing up Insurance Agents, Landscapers, Home Builders, Dentist, and Chiropractors, we changed our name to AllClients.

We LOVE our product. We eat, sleep and breathe AllClients. We wake up every morning thinking of ways we can make the product better and to help our customers (and their customers) become more successful.

Jeff Shamus and Todd Binder

We Believe...

The AllClients Leadership Team

Jeff Shamus

Jeff Shamus

CEO & Co-Founder

Married for 34 years. Plays Guitar and Keyboards in a Beatles Tribute band. Watches every Cincinnati Reds game, every year (and he’s not even from Cincinnati!). Loves RV-ing, golf, and spending time with his Border Collie, Jojo.
Todd Binder

Todd Binder

President & Co-Founder

Enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, mountain biking, and woodworking. Summer weekends are spent at his family cabin, relaxing on the Russian River in the same summer community his relatives were first involved in over 110 years ago.
Jen JC

Jen Brown

Customer Experience Manager

Believes in kindness, holding open doors and always making time to listen to a friend. Is distracted by shiny things, people-watching is a favorite pastime and lives for the moments you can’t put into words. Loves her dogs, reading, hiking, three-day weekends, and sunsets on the beach.

Alyssa Shamus

Alyssa Shamus

Marketing Manager

Enjoys volunteering for her church, coaching youth cheerleaders and anything to do with music. Loves boarding, biking, and going on adventures. Believes the magic is in the details.