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Automation helps to simplify all aspects of running your business. By automating tasks that you or your employees would have to do manually, taking resources away from other tasks, a smaller business can make the most of their time and spend their efforts on optimizing for future growth.

Marketing automation can help your business in many ways, by sending emails, keeping in contact after a purchase, informing your customers about future products, and sending reminders about products left in their shopping cart. 

You don’t need to snag every customer with every email, but automation makes sure that every single potential customer gets correspondence for crucial touchpoints along their customer journey. 

Today, we’ll go over some of the reasons automation is one of the most prominent and often overlooked keys to success, and how to take advantage of it to move your company to the next level in its growth.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the comprehensive implementation of specialized software and data management technologies directed to automate the marketing campaigns of an organization. 

The benefits of marketing automation are realized by achieving the overall growth of the company through an enhanced return on investment. Marketing automation promises big things — more leads, conversions, and sales, all with less work. This sounds like a tall order, but the truth is that businesses that use automation see both increased leads and sales, on average driving a 14% in sales productivity and 12% reduction in marketing overhead.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is at the core of a business’s marketing success. From small businesses to towering enterprises, CRM software helps businesses manage their contacts throughout the customer lifecycle, from leads to sales and reactivation. With integrated marketing automation and customer service, you help your clients wind their customer experience together effortlessly. If managed correctly, the results will be a seamless alignment among sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

With marketing automation you can take advantage of:

  • Scaling repetitive tasks so your employees can do other work
  • Increase email marketing efforts to get more leads
  • Improve lead management
  • Enhance targeting and personalization for your business
  • Improve multi-channel marketing
  • Attain and measure analytics that can help narrow your focus

What is White Label Marketing Automation?

White label is a term used to describe when one company builds a product for another company that is sold by that company under their own (or a different) brand name.

Private Label vs. White Label 

The difference between private or white label goods lies in who specifies what the product or service will contain. In a private label relationship, the buyer specifies the design, parts, ingredients, or offerings. In a white label relationship, while the provider or manufacturer may offer a range of customizations to fit specific needs, they specify the design, parts, ingredients, or offerings.

The Benefits of a Marketing Automation System

Generate Better Leads

Lead generation is an important step in your business’s growth. Automating the many steps between planning a marketing campaign and closing sales gives you and your employees more time to focus on overall strategy and help nurture the leads that show real promise. That means more prospects and more customers. Marketing automation will also provide you with a more detailed picture of potential customer behavior.

Marketing automation can follow a user’s path through your website, understand the prospects’ interests and where they are in the purchasing lifecycle. Follow-ups can be customized around those findings and show you what kind of leads you are generating.

Bringing together information on website visits and downloads, social media activity, and direct marketing will enable the automatic scoring, qualifying, and prioritizing of leads. 

Allows for Personalization of Customer Experience

Personalized content helps to nurture leads and is important for your sales. Marketing automation tools help by simplifying the process of getting the right content to the right buyer at the right time. They also help capture data from all relevant content such as the emails your customers are opening and clicking on to which posts are performing the best on your social media channels. That in turn will show how that is converting to website visits and other user actions. 

Data gathered by a marketing automation system is also super effective for qualifying leads on the marketing side before passing them on to sales. If you are a small business, this job may be done by the same person or just a handful, so having smart, intuitive data will help keep your employees from being stressed 24/7 with too much information.  

More Useful Data, Helping to Make Better Decisions

Without help, you can get into the world of dirty data or too much data and lose track of all the useful information that comes through. Automation will give your business a good grasp on how to utilize all the information it has collected. 

By providing a single platform for dashboarding, analytics, collecting, and storing data, marketing automation platforms are the best solution for measuring campaigns and predicting consumer behavior on a small business budget. The ability to assemble a more complete profile of your leads and prospects is invaluable. 

Builds Relationships

New customers rarely purchase from a business the first time they learn about it, which is why marketing automation (like personalized emails) is important to building and fostering that relationship. By helping your audience learn more about your products and mission through regular, thoughtful correspondence, you will be able to encourage and increase conversion rates.

Helps with Potential Sales

With automation, you format follow-up emails, abandon cart discounts, and even send a “reminder” email for a missed potential transaction. These features that marketing automation offers help to remind potential customers of your shop and their interest as today’s market is flooded with so much stimulus and noise that you need to have help casting your line for leads.

Marketing automation also helps sales by tracking the journey of your customer on your website and can show you how long it takes them to make a transaction in addition to what information they need to complete that sale. Analytics like this are key to helping you adjust your system for better leads and sales growth.

Benefits of White Label Marketing Automation

  • You will get a proven product you can start selling right away.
  • You have a development team continuing to add new features and functions so the product stays fresh and relevant.
  • Someone else will be working on keeping your product up and running.
  • You add value to the product by bundling custom workflows which includes landing pages, custom emails and autoresponders.

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