Should You Build or White Label a CRM


What are the benefits of selling your own CRM?

Have you reached that point in your business where you are ready to start selling your own CRM? If so, you’re no doubt already certain of the benefits.

  1. You want to generate recurring revenue from the marketing material you already have.
  2. You’re looking at expanding your business offering and retaining customers within your brand.
  3. You want to own and operate your own CRM.

But the big question is, do you build or white label something that already exists?

Custom build vs white-label

When we consider the best options for your business, there are three main things to bear in mind.

First, how quickly do you want to go live with the CRM? Or rather, how long can you wait and risk losing more clients before you can offer what your competitors already do?

If you have a team of dedicated developers working on the software, it can still take anything from 12 – 24 months to develop. You will need to identify all of the features you must include, then design a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with rigorous stages of testing before you can even think about starting product development. Finally, you need a Quality Assurance engineer who cannot be a part of your dev team to test everything. We break down the whole process in this post

That’s the custom approach. By white-labeling an existing product, you will have the benefit of being able to go to market right away.

The second consideration is how many resources can you dedicate to a CRM. And we mean dedicate! 

CRM platforms are unfortunately not a plug-and-play system. The world of CRM software is vast and there are hundreds of companies vying for competition, constantly developing their products to offer the best tools with optimum performance. For this reason, developing your own CRM software requires a team of dedicated developers who work full-time to maintain and improve the product. 

The third is how you want the product to be branded. Have you already built a completely bespoke online identity with specific processes that your customers are used to?

If this is the case, then a white-label product is probably not the best option for you. 

A fully custom solution can’t be all bad though, right?

In the spirit of fairness, there are a couple of advantages you will get from a completely custom CRM. Your business may require some VERY specific features that just are not available with any other piece of software. This will be of special importance if you already operate with a specific procedure and workflow that you want replicating in the software. 

You may also feel utterly bewildered by the huge lists of features that (most) CRMs offer. That is certainly a good reason not to go with an existing white label solution, and it’s also the reason why we have kept ours nice and simple. 

If you did want to go ahead and white label a CRM, there are two things to consider. 

One is that, potentially, your competitors may be using the same software for their clients. How much this really matters is up to you to decide. 

Also, you will be subject to ongoing SaaS fees, aka a subscription. But this subscription brings with it plenty of benefits like product support, plus the reassurance that your product is constantly developing and you will be privy to updates and improvements as and when they become available. 

Why choose White Label CRM?

By leaving out all of the unnecessary features you would usually find on other bloated CRMs, ours is optimized for performance and you don’t need technical knowledge to use it.

Organize your clients

As a small business owner, you want to keep track of what your clients are doing, and always be aware of what stage they are at in their journey with you. Our intuitive dashboard will display all of this information down to exactly who is opening your emails.

The contact screen gives you a full breakdown of your contacts’ demographic, notes, attachments, referrals, and all other key information, plus the ability to group contacts based on any of these metrics so you can filter search queries. 

Your CRM needs to be accessible wherever you are, and by whoever needs it. That’s why we have included functionality for you to assign tasks, share emails, and more with your team members for both private and shared data on a flexible permissions system. The dedicated mobile app lets you and your team members take the database wherever you need to be.

Integrated email marketing 

There’s no more need for third-party email integration as we have included all of the features you need in our CRM. You can start with any of our templates, or build your own, safe in the knowledge that they will look amazing on desktop, mobile, or tablet. 

When customers click your email links, they will automatically start a journey through one of your custom workflows. Our system also includes built-in email validation to ensure deliverability and a great reputation for your brand. 

Tracking features will notify you of who is reading your emails, and more importantly, who is clicking through! The Email Blast reports will give you all of the email engagement analytics in real-time so you can track your campaign success.

Automation made easy

We want you to have the tools to walk your customers through the entire sales process with ease. That’s why you can set up custom autoresponders for your new clients that they will receive mere seconds after completing your online form, be it a newsletter, free report, or just a text. This will start your customers on an ongoing drip campaign where they will be fed content at pre-defined intervals. 

Grab your customers’ attention with a beautiful landing page that you can create either using one of our templates or completely from scratch. We’ll take care of the hosting and the CRM will automatically handle the follow-up!

There is great value in your list of past customers. They know you, like you, and trust you. In AllClients you can easily put these contacts in an autoresponder campaign. This way you can ensure they will always be thinking of you first when they are next looking for services.

Why White Label CRM is a great choice for you

Setting up your own White Label CRM is as simple as signing up, adding your logo and branding, uploading your existing marketing content and you’re good to go!

However, we know that making the decision is not quite so simple. That is why we would highly recommend first downloading a free copy of our book White Label CRM Success to give you a taster of how white-labeling is the best solution for your business.

White Label CRM Success Book cover


White Label CRM Success

This is a must read if you have any interest in White Labeling a CRM.

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