Top 5 Reasons Marketers Like YOU, should be White Labeling a CRM


You are a superstar marketer (or at least a confident one) with a good number of clients.

You have a content toolbox that includes engaging email marketing campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, follow-up systems, and workflow management processes. 

Your clients couldn’t be happier with the quality of service and the content they are receiving from you, and they have already started recommending you to their friends.

That all sounds great. But there’s a problem…

Your clients still need a CRM to tie everything together, and instead of providing it for them, you are sending them off to go shop for third-party solutions. This will make it harder for you to manage your own content, not to mention the fact that you are missing a branding opportunity AND giving away revenue that should be yours.

Does that sound about right? 

Well if so, read on to see that there IS an alternative.

Become the total marketing solution

You probably have spent years creating unique and valuable content for your clients. But your clients need a complete solution: your genius systems and strategies, PLUS all the tools needed to implement your teachings. If you don’t provide a sticky element to your offering, your clients will eventually leave you.

Consider upgrading your entire offering and providing your customers with an easy-to-understand CRM system that is loaded with your content, branded with your name, and perfect for their small (or very small) business.

Top 5 reasons to White Label a CRM

#1 Your competitor’s complete solution is kicking your butt

You have lots of competition out there. Some of your competitors are providing their clients with a complete solution. Are you? It’s no longer enough to just have the best marketing strategies – today you also need to provide the tools needed to implement those strategies.

But what can you do?

Offering your own CRM seems like a big undertaking. After all, you can’t compete with HubSpot and InfusionSoft (Keap), can you? The answer to that is you ABSOLUTELY can!

Remember, you don’t have to build this mysterious CRM and Marketing Toolbox, it already exists. You just need to get it, add your content to it, and start including it in your offering. Easy – Peasy!

#2 Your customers are leaving you after one or two years.

There is no question you have great marketing ideas, systems, and strategies. They are time-tested and as long as you can get your clients to follow your processes, they just work. So when your customers see how great your ideas work, they will be staying with you forever…right?


Would you keep paying someone for something you have already learned? Nope. You love the concepts, you use them on a daily basis, and they work great. You will probably thank the person who taught you, and probably even recommend them to your friends and colleagues, but will you continue to pay them? Not likely.

You need to provide something your customers will use on a daily basis and rely on in their business. When your customers leave you, do they also cancel their SalesForce or ActiveCampaign subscriptions? Well, no – they need those tools to continue their sales and marketing efforts.

Imagine if you provided a CRM loaded with your content. To the customer, it’s all one thing. If they leave you they lose it all: The machine that is running all of their sales and marketing, all of your emails, landing pages, and campaigns… PLUS their entire customer database.

The clients using your complete solution are sticky and will stay with you forever.

#3 You want to be promoting YOUR brand – not someone else’s!

You have given your clients all the information they need to be successful in the area of sales and marketing. But whose brand do they see every time they fire up their computer? MailChimp? ClickFunnels? Zoho? Whoever it is – it’s not you!

Why not have your brand in front of them every day?

When you White Label your own CRM, it has your logo, your colors, and your branding all over it. And if you have the White Label CRM from AllClients, there is no reference to the name “AllClients” anywhere in the product. Your customer will think that you built it!

You have spent so much time and effort creating your marketing content and systems that work. However, you are missing an opportunity to brand your genius as your clients see someone else’s branding and your brand is nowhere to be found.

A White Label CRM can offer your brand the exposure deserves. After all, your content is getting all the results, so why not take credit for all that success?

#4 You want to simplify things for your customers and your support staff

When each of your customers is using different CRM tools to execute your marketing content, it becomes problematic for your support staff. Your team already knows all about your systems and strategies, but now they have to learn how to use all the various CRMs out there.

How you build email templates in Constant Contact is different than how you do it in MailChimp. Some CRMs can’t handle, complex, multi-step workflows and campaigns. How do you help your clients who have one of those CRMs? What if one of your campaign steps is to send out a text message and your client’s CRM doesn’t have that capability?

When you can offer a complete solution, INCLUDING the CRM, everything is preloaded, so when your customer first logs in to the CRM it is all configured and ready to go. And when you have a new email template or a new sales campaign to give them, you press a button on your end and they get your new material in their system instantly.

This is not a matter of you forcing them to use your CRM. You are making their lives EASIER and they will be forever grateful to you.

#5 Your business could use a new and recurring revenue stream.

This is a big one, and one of the greatest benefits of white labeling your own CRM solution. This decision creates a new, reliable, and ongoing revenue stream for your company. You have no doubt seen the prices of other CRM systems on the market. Today this revenue is effectively bypassing your wallet every month because you currently do not offer a complete solution!

Your current customers are trusting you to provide them with the answers they seek in the area of sales and marketing. YOU are the expert and they will gladly pay you more for helping them with their CRM.

Remember, your customers are not just looking for great marketing information. They are looking for solutions to their problems. And the more complete the solution, the better.

Lifelong Customers

You don’t just want customers, you want Lifelong Customers!

Your marketing content can only go so far, and today, implementing it requires your customers to rely on someone else’s CRM. They see the benefits of your expert content, but you are asking them to go out and use third-party tools to make your ideas work.

Create Lifelong Customers by providing the complete solution. Consider white labeling the CRM and Marketing Automation System from AllClients. Book your free consultation here.

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White Label CRM Success

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