Top 5 Reasons Marketers Like YOU, White Label a CRM


All the gear – no idear.

If you’re reading this right now, I’m gonna assume that you’re a superstar marketer or at least a confident one with a good roster of clients.

You have a toolbox of content that includes engaging email marketing campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, follow-up systems, workflow management, the whole nine yards!

Your clients couldn’t be happier with the quality of service and the content they are receiving from you, and they have already started recommending you to their friends.

There’s a problem though…

Instead of offering a complete solution, you are passing your valuable clients off to third-party CRM solutions that are making your support teams’ job harder – ensuring your content can work with everything, and you are giving away revenue that should yours.

Does that sound about right? 

Well if so, read on and I’ll help you see that there is an alternative.

Become the total marketing solution.

With all of the hard work you have put into creating your content that is working wonders for your clients, it’s important to remember that unless you can offer a complete solution to match all of your clients’ requirements, they will eventually leave you.

What you need to do is upgrade your entire offering and provide them with an easy-to-understand CRM system that is loaded with your content, branded with your name, and perfect for their small (or very small) business.

Top 5 reasons to white label a CRM.

#1 Your competitor’s complete solution is kicking your butt.

With so much competition out there, it’s no longer enough to just have the best marketing content strategies. Without the ability to implement them on your own system that you can sell to your clients, you will be forced to recommend they use a third-party system.

While this may sound like a reasonable solution because “offering your own CRM is too much hard work”, the sad truth is that once they have learned the processes involved in your marketing content strategy, they will leave you entirely.

This is because many of the large CRM company offerings now include a variety of additional marketing automation services that form a complete solution that you aren’t (currently) able to provide.

#2 Your customers are leaving you after one or two years.

As we mentioned in the previous point, what you have to teach your customers inevitably has a shelf life. This is purely a consequence of the learning process. Once you have learned all you need from a particular service provider, you won’t continue paying for it if there is nothing left to learn!

This is why white labeling makes sense. Your valuable content can live on within a system that is part of an ongoing subscription service.

And now for the best part:

Because you have built up such a strong and value-based relationship with your clients, they will continue to trust in and benefit from your product for years to come. This is what we mean by sticky customers!

#3 You want to start promoting YOUR OWN brand.

Having spent so much time and effort in creating your marketing content and processes, it feels almost like a wasted opportunity when you provide the content to your customers only for them to install it on a CRM where your name and brand are nowhere to be seen.

A white label CRM can offer your brand the exposure that it needs and deserves. After all, your content is getting all the results, so why not shout about it.

#4 You need to simplify things for your customers and your support staff.

When you have a large number of customers using different tools to execute your marketing content, it puts a huge burden on your support staff being versed in how every single system functions.

Simply put, this is not a smart or cost-effective use of your resources.

You may be encouraging your customers to use the same system because you have an affiliate relationship in place, but your support staff still has to learn multiple platforms. But, we’re then back to points one and two where your clients will eventually leave because your services will only be valuable up to a point.

#5 Your business needs a boost and you are looking for a new ongoing revenue stream.

This is the big one, and essentially the end goal of white labeling your own CRM solution. The biggest selling point of white labeling is that you can create a new, reliable, and ongoing revenue stream, but how… You have no doubt seen the prices of other CRM systems on the market. Think for a second that this figure is effectively bypassing your wallet every month because you do not currently offer a complete solution.

Now we’re not suggesting that you price your product the same as the competition.

You already have in place a solid list of reliable and trusting customers who value your expertise and services. You will now be able to offer them the content that they are already using, plus the CRM tool that ties everything together.

Remember, your customers are not looking for your information. They are looking for solutions to their problems.

That solution is your white-labeled CRM.

Generating lifetime value

Your marketing content can only go so far, and to implement it requires your customers to rely on someone else’s CRM solution. So they are seeing the benefits of your expert content, but you are asking them to go out and use third-party tools.

Your loyal customers know that your opinion, expertise, and passion for marketing are reflected in every product and service you offer. They will trust that in using your CRM they will continue to see the benefits for their business and always be able to look to you for help with the entire solution. This is how you generate lifetime value.

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