Top White Label CRMs Compared – Review Of The Best White Label CRMs

white label crm comparison

In recent years, the concept of White Label CRMs has grown exponentially. AllClients was the first company to offer a White Label CRM in 2009, but now there are several players in this space.

In this review, we will highlight some of the top White Label CRMs in the industry today. Every business is different and there is not a one-size-fits-all White Label CRM. This comparative guide on the best White Label CRMs will help you choose the best White Label CRM for the specific requirements of your organization.

What is a White Label CRM?

A White Label CRM allows you to take an already-built, proven product, put your branding on it, and sell it as your own CRM solution. Unlike a Private Label CRM, you don’t have to wait months or years for your CRM to be ready – you can start selling it on day one.

A White Label CRM is generally a successful product that has thousands of happy and satisfied users using it on a daily basis. This means that you don’t have to build your own CRM. Instead, you can focus your attention and resources on your company’s core competencies.

With a White Label CRM you make the product unique to you and your clients with your content, customizations, branding, and your pricing. If you coach Real Estate Agents, your system will look like a Real Estate marketing system. Someone else may coach dentists, and even though they are White Labeling the same CRM, their system will look like a dental marketing system.

White Labeling a CRM is like having a team of developers working down the hall from you! Your software developer is the one responsible to fix the bugs, maintain and host the product, and keep the product relevant and up to date in line with evolving times.

Who Can Use White Label CRMs?

White Label CRMs are best for coaching and marketing experts who are selling information, but are tired of leaving money on the table. Instead of referring their clients to HubSpot or ClickFunnels, they can offer their own branded CRM. This results in higher customer loyalty and increased recurring revenue for your company.

Examples of companies that need to be offering a White Label CRM are coaches and marketers in: Real Estate, Insurance, Medical, Dental, Home Services, Insurance and Financial Services and more. In addition, marketing agencies who sell into any vertical market can also benefit from offering a White Label CRM.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the concept of White Label CRMs, let’s explore some of the best White Label CRMs.

Top White Label CRMs Reviewed – The Best Of White Label CRMs

#1. AllClients White Label CRM

AllClients is the original White Label CRM and one of the only options where the product is 100% White Labeled. When you get your product, it will only have your branding on it with no reference to “AllClients” anywhere in the product. There is no way for an end-user to discover that you didn’t build it.

Ideal for coaches and marketers who have a vertical market focus, this all-in-one solution helps you leverage the best of CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation. 

The AllClients White Label CRM is easy to use and no help is required from a programmer. The pricing model allows coaches to charge whatever they want, pay AllClients a small per user fee, and keep the difference.

AllClients includes CRM, Email Marketing, Campaigns and Workflows, Landing Pages, Autoresponders, text messaging, and a mature API.

Designed with the non-technical business owner, the AllClients White Label CRM is perfect for micro-businesses who need all the basics in an easy-to-use package.

Here are the disadvantages of AllClients: Not a good choice for B2B applications. AllClients is specifically designed for micro-businesses, so it is best suited for end-users with 10 or fewer users, and it is limited to 30,000 contacts per user. 

#2. Bitrix24

A low-cost CRM platform, Bitrix24 offers a complete suite of marketing automation, social collaboration, and communication tools. Offering free subscription packages for unlimited users, Bitrix24 includes a wide range of eCommerce features such as product catalogs, discounts and coupons, inventory management, payment processing, order management, online store builder, and shipping cost calculators.

The CRM features of Bitrix24 include unlimited leads, quotes, invoices, pipelines, contacts, and product catalogs. Its CRM marketing features include segment-based email marketing, email templates, customer segmentation, and Facebook advertising. Sales intelligence tools include analytical reports, automated ad management, automatic customer journey tracking, call tracking, and offline ad tracking.

Disadvantages of Bitrix24 include limited access to technical support, especially in the lower-tier plans. Furthermore, the complexity of the product in navigation and setup can be an obstacle for more novice computer users. 

#3. Soffront

Soffront is a seamless CRM system that seamlessly integrates marketing, sales, and service automation. The white-label partner program of Soffront allows you to rebrand and resell Soffront under your own pricing with a revenue split of 50 – 50 with a one-time upfront cost. Soffront allows you to create custom-made mobile apps for a wide range of user groups within your organization.

With Soffront you will get a 20 percent monthly recurring revenue and an additional incentive each time a client signs up. You can also access its Business Partner Program which allows you to get a permit for the unlimited sale of CRM licenses for a predetermined monthly fee.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Soffront is its clunky user-interface.

#4. SalesPype

An all-in-one marketing platform, SalesPype includes robust features such as form builder, project management, sales reporting, drip marketing automation, and click-and-drag sales pipelines.

SalesPype offers features such as contact management, integrated video email, ringless voicemail, call bridge, email marketing tools, calendar tools, drip automation, and a form builder. Plus their pipeline tracking module can be easily rebranded to match your company’s brand.

With a single subscription, you can utilize countless out-of-the-box features such as ready-to-use campaigns that can be quickly automated in just a few clicks.

SalesPype is strong in the area of pipeline management, but weak in the area of campaign management and workflows.

#5. GreenRope (aka CompleteCRM)

GreenRope is an all-in-one marketing and CRM solution with out-of-the-box marketing and sales automation features for unlimited users. It offers an exciting affiliate marketing program with high bonus and commission potential. Resellers can use this White Label CRM to manage and monitor the businesses of their clients.

Greenrope has sales automation features which include workflow automation, pipeline visibility, opportunity tracking, social CRM, lead scoring, contact management, and predictive CRM analytics. In addition, they offer automation tools such as customer journey mapping, social network marketing, web analytics, sign-up forms, surveys, drip campaigns, email marketing & tracking, email and website templates, and website & landing page builder.

GreenRope pricing may be too expensive for small teams and solo users. Also, its feature set may be overwhelming for beginner-level users.

#6. OroCRM

An open-source and highly customizable CRM, OroCRM provides robust reporting and customer management features. This CRM is an excellent choice for enterprise-level organizations and integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce sites like WooCommerce and Magento. It can also be connected to top marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. OroCRM provides flexible pricing and licensing models for different customer requirements.

The sales features of OroCRM include case management, account management, activity log, contact import and export, leads and opportunities workflow, opportunities and pipeline management, sales territory management, and multi-currency support for budget & revenue. It also has marketing features that include embedded web forms, landing pages, reports and performance management, customer segmentation, email campaign management, lead management, and customer engagement analytics.

The biggest drawback of OroCRM is the high price and time investment needed to set up the system. There is also a lack of customer support for its Community Edition.

#7. Vendasta

Vendasta is a CRM with built-in digital marketing service features such as email campaigns and reputation management. Its white labeling program provides significant discounts for resellers. They have an extensive resource library for case studies and guides. Vendasta provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered CRM with robust marketing and sales automation features. It also includes tools for billing, invoicing, payment processing, and project management. Under its White Label reseller program, subscribers to the paid plans of Vendasta are eligible for wholesale discounts.

The product itself requires a good deal of technical expertise to set up and use. The learning curve is steep for Vendasta much like it is for Soffront.

#8. Jetpack

Jetpack is an ideal choice for freelancers, midsize businesses, and even some small businesses. This CRM is easy to use and is characterized by some exceptional features and affordability. It blends perfectly with WordPress and is simple, functional, and flexible. This self-hosted CRM allows you to easily manage unlimited customers and users. Furthermore, it has an intuitive and customizable dashboard and it can also be used to manage and send quotes and invoices to customers.

One of the disadvantages of JetPack is that it lacks a mobile app for the product. Jetpack CRM also lacks popular features and functionalities such as API, accounting integration, and alerts/escalation.

#9. GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one and out-of-the-box sales and marketing platform for marketers and agencies. It offers forms, surveys, inbound phone systems, calendars, landing pages, and more. You can also use GoHighLevel to message leads automatically through forced calls, SMS, Facebook Messenger, voicemail, and emails. It will also track analytics, schedule appointments, and collect payments.

The biggest disadvantage of GoHighLevel is the steep learning curve: It can be overwhelming for some users.

GoHighLevel is a great choice for digital marketing agencies who will be highly involved with the setup, and ongoing customizations for their users.

The Final Word

Every small business needs a CRM. However, even in 2023, there are still some small businesses that don’t have one. And for those who do, many are not taking full advantage of their CRMs value and power.

These businesses need your help!

You are a marketing expert. You know what they need to do to be successful in the areas of sales, marketing and follow-up. When you White Label a CRM, you can now offer your clients a complete solution. Your clients will thank you!

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