What Does It Cost to White Label a CRM?

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White Labeling a CRM is a great alternative to building your own or reselling someone else’s product. With White Labeling, you take an existing proven CRM, add your own custom content, put your name and branding on it, and then resell it to your customers. 

Most White Label CRM companies require you to sell their product at their list pricing and then they will pay you a commission – that’s how you make money. AllClients is the only White Label CRM where you can buy user licenses at a low price and then sell it as your own product at a much higher price of your choosing.  

While AllClients was the first company to offer a White Label CRM back in 2009, there are some other great companies who have since jumped in and also deserve consideration.

Commission-Based Model

ActiveCampaign, GreenRope, and Bitrix24 are CRM companies that have recently started offering a White Labeled version of their products. These companies offer a commission-based structure where you sell it at their published pricing and they will pay you a commission for choosing to sell their product. This model has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantage of selling someone else’s product is that you can piggyback your name on top of the good names and solid reputations of other companies. These companies have done all the marketing for you and you can also lean on them to help you with training, onboarding and support. 

There are some downsides to the commission-based white label model. First, it is difficult, or in some cases impossible, to hide the fact that you are selling someone else’s system. Another disadvantage is that you are limited in your income potential because you are locked into someone else’s pricing structure.   

The commission-based model is really closer to an affiliate model than to a true White Label model. It is best for someone who just wants to dip their toes in the “White Label CRM Water.” The cost to get started is low, and the time and effort needed to start reselling someone else’s product is not significant.

"You Set the Pricing" Model

With AllClients, the concept of White Labeling is not an afterthought, it is the main focus of the company. The pricing structure is designed to maximize your income potential. After you pay a one-time build fee of $7500, you pay a low license fee of $35 (or less) per user per month. And since you are determining the customer pricing, the money you can make is unlimited.

Most of the AllClients partners have different pricing tiers (small, medium, and large), and sell their branded version of AllClients for prices between $99/mo and $999/mo.   

In the AllClients White Label model, the product is 100% white labeled, and there is no reference to the name “AllClients” anywhere to be found. That means the White Label Partner  is responsible for all the marketing, billing, onboarding, and support of their product

This model will also require you to build out content and customize the product to the unique needs of your market. This is an advantage in most instances. 

The AllClients White Label model is best if you are all in. If you have great content, you know how to do marketing, and you have the resources to support the product, then this is the best path for you.    

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White Label CRM Success

This is a must read if you have any interest in White Labeling a CRM.

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