What is a White Label Marketing Automation System?

Marketing automation system

You’ve seen the cool Marketing Automation systems out there, like AllClients, InfusionSoft, and ClickFunnels….right? You know – the systems where you build several steps in a workflow or funnel, and it’s all automated!

Marketing Automation Example

Here’s a good example: A workflow where you capture a name and email address on a landing page, then your automated system performs several predetermined steps. Steps like automated emails, text messages, to-do reminders, ringless voicemail, setting and unsetting system flags, sending notifications, and more.

For a small business, having a marketing automation system running their business is a game changer.

Now imagine if YOU and YOUR company was the one providing this invaluable tool to the customer. Here we are talking about a White Label Marketing Automation System.

White Labeling a Marketing Automation System

“White Label” is a term used to describe when one company builds a product (AllClients), and then it is sold by a different company (YOUR company), under a different brand name (YOUR brand).

White Labeling allows you to leverage the experience of another company – allowing everyone to do what they do best.

In our example here, you get the product from AllClients (15 years+ experience), and then you can do what you do best: Providing a world class, complete, Marketing Automation and CRM solution to your customers.

The benefits of having a White Label Marketing Automation System

1. You get a proven product you can start selling today.

2. You have a development team continuing to innovate – adding new features and functions so your product stays fresh and relevant.

3. You have someone else (AllClients) worrying about keeping your product up and running 24/7, 365.

4. You add value to the product by bundling custom workflows – including your landing pages, custom email and letter content, autoresponders and more.

5. The customer belongs to you – not to AllClients. You call the shots, you set the pricing, and you take all the credit!

What to look for when searching for the right Marketing Automation partner

1. Look for experience. This is not an easy thing to get right and it’s going to be you and your reputation on the line if it doesn’t work right. Look for someone who has been building Marketing Automation Systems and CRM’s for at least 10 years. The longer the better.

2. Make sure you have control. You should be able to set pricing, decide what features and functions are included, and build in your own custom content to make the product your own.

3. It’s your brand! Don’t let the partner put their brand anywhere on the product. It’s not “Powered by (them)” – It’s powered by YOU, and it should only have your branding on the product.

4. Find a partner who continues to innovate. Marketing for small business is always evolving. Your White Label Marketing Automation partner should be continually improving the product. If the product isn’t being upgraded on a regular basis, you have the wrong product.

White Label CRM Success Book cover


White Label CRM Success

This is a must read if you have any interest in White Labeling a CRM.

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