Easy Contact Management with Powerful Features

Give your clients a simple way to stay organized.

Get Your Clients Organized… Finally!

Your small business customers are all over the map. Many don’t even know what a CRM is – or that they desperately need one! Now you can give them an easy tool that gathers up all of their contacts from Excel, sticky notes and paper notebooks and organizes them into one place.
Contact management screen

At a Glance

See what’s happening in your database at a glance

Your CRM’s Dashboard is like the dashboard on your car — giving you a high-level overview of what’s happening with your contacts. Like how many new clients do I have and who are they? How are my landing pages performing? And who is opening my emails and clicking on the links?


See all your contact info on a single, easy-to-understand screen

The All-in-One Contact Screen makes it easy to understand everything that is going on with your contacts. You’ll see all the contact’s demographics, notes, to-do’s, attachments, referrals, and more…all on one screen.


Create custom contact groups in seconds

If I asked you to give me a list of all your past customers who bought a home in 2018, are over 65 years old, and live in San Jose, could you do it? Our custom contacts groups allow you to filter any search query in just seconds.


Easily manage and work with contact groups

What if your clients could send tailored and adapted messages to their customers based on their interests? Or what if you could edit a 5000 contact records – all at once? With ClientTouch, that’s easy!


Build a team where everyone in the office uses the CRM

Take collaboration to the next level by including your entire team in your CRM. Assign to-do’s, share email & SMS templates, and more. Each team member can have both shared and private data based on a flexible permissions system

Mobile App

Access your CRM from home or the road

You need to be able to take your database with you, wherever you go. With the CRM Mobile App you can access your contacts, check your to-do’s, calendar events and more from your mobile phone.

Our customer’s love “our” system and if you’re looking at building your own CRM, take a look at AllClients first.
White Label CRM customer
— Home Services Marketing

“After looking into building our own system and then taking a look at some of the other private label options out there, AllClients was the logical choice. We’ve been working with Jen, Todd and Jeff for years and they are great! Not to mention the software is very flexible, easy to customize and easy to use…and even if the system isn’t 100% of what you need, the robust API allows you to build additional functionality on top of the core system.

Our customer’s love “our” system and if you’re looking at building your own CRM, take a look at AllClients first.”

More Features You Can Offer Your Clients

Marketing Automation

Like having your own marketing department working for you 24/7, you can offer automations, landing pages, autoresponders, drip campaigns and more!

Email Marketing

Create beautiful emails, or get a head start with our professionally designed templates. Permission based, Spam complaint, and reliable deliverability

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