What our White Label partners are saying...

Most of the companies who white label the AllClients product don’t want to advertise that fact. They are white labeling so they
can make it a part of their complete solution and sell it under their own brand. You will most likely want to do the same!

While we promised not to reveal who they are, they did want to share their experiences with you. The good news is that if you become a partner, you will get to meet them personally at our next White Label Partner Summit.

“Before joining AllClients White Label, we were having our clients purchase landing pages from one company, video email through another company, having them get text message marketing through another company, CRM through another, and so on.

Not only was that expensive but they also had way too many logins to remember. We looked at many different white label products, but one product would have one thing while missing other things. Then we would find another product that would have those things but then missing the others. What a nightmare!

Then we got lucky and had a customer tell us about AllClients. We checked out their website, and we couldn’t believe what we saw. It was everything we were teaching our clients, all in one place. One login and not only was it affordable now but also every- thing worked together in one system. Now, not only do we teach our clients how to use this easy system, but we also use it to automate our workflows with our own clients, and we market with it too! Finding AllClients was a blessing.”

A Dental Marketing Company

“We looked everywhere to find a package that met our needs and landed on AllClients. The software is sufficiently robust and offers everything our clients need. Plus, we can onboard them and train them in very short order and that is extremely important to us.

Our clients do not know, nor do they need to know, that we didn’t build the software.

That said, the incredible team at AllClients is amazingly responsive—and I do mean amazingly—and they are always there to help us. Bottom line is this, we love the software, the partner program is worth it, and we would do it again.”

A construction marketing company

“We are a niche-market company and have been working with AllClients for over 8 years. The system integrated into our business seamlessly. The AllClients technology is FAST and very easy to follow. Oh, and their support and response times to us are first- rate!

The system has enabled us to build a perfect custom- er fit. Growth of business and excellent feedback from customers has confirmed to us how well the system is working. Our offering now compares exceptionally well against our competitors and is very versatile. For life-cycle marketing, this is excellent value for money and has added a significant benefit to our product offering.”

A medical marketing company

“Our clients love the simplicity of the front end, and at the back end, the robust API has allowed us to further develop our offering by combining our information with AllClients and other tools and leveraging automation to efficiently scale the product.

From the start, we’ve benefited from regular updates and improvements, and their responsive support team has helped us resolve any user issues or questions.

Simplicity and connectivity are key to making any project a success, and AllClients has been the part​n​er to help us get there.”

A real estate marketing company

“Oh my gosh, where to begin?! I have been a business coach/consultant for entrepreneurs for the past 7 years. I had always dreamed of having my own CRM system that I could plug my clients into as I trained them in my business-owner development program.

I interviewed several programmers and finally hired a ‘programmer/coder’ that I was convinced shared my vision. But alas, after some time of lack of production and follow-through on the programmer’s part, I let that part of my vision go. I then found AllClients.

I was so excited! I messed around in the free trial and set an appointment to talk to Jeff. Within minutes I knew it was a fit. Not only did our ways of thinking align, he was extremely encouraging and helped snap me back into knowing I could achieve my vision for the next level of my business.

And even better than that?! It’s the absolute, bar none, timely and thorough responses and help I consistently receive from Jen and the AllClient’s support team. Wahoo! Wahoo! Goes to show, at the darkest of times, there is light right around the corner.”

 A small business coach

“After looking into building our own system and then taking a look at some of the other private label options out there, AllClients was the logical choice.

We’ve been working with Jen, Todd, and Jeff for years, and they are great! Not to mention the soft- ware is very flexible, easy to customize and easy to use, and even if the system isn’t 100% of what you need, the robust API allows you to build additional functionality on top of the core system.

Our customers love “our” system, and if you’re looking at building your own CRM, take a look at AllClients first.”

A home services marketing company

“When we first started searching for a white label CRM solution for our customers, we found the playing field full of many confusing and dubious options. AllClients stood out because their system was the fastest, most modern, and easiest-to-use CRM available. Closely working with Jeff Shamus and his team, we were able to go to market quickly—a full month before we thought everything would be ready.

It’s been about two years since we went with AllC​lients, and since then, their wonderful staff has dutifully handled many of our CRM tweaks and feature requests. We have also added a few CRM features of our own creation and are experiencing very limited problems. Our customers are happy, we’re happy, and we plan to work with AllClients well into the future.”

A loyalty marketing company

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