How a White Label CRM Will Boost Your Business Revenue


A white label partnership introduces your business — no matter how small — to a platform that enables you to sell a ready-made product to your clients without needing to hire a dedicated team or train marketing specialists. The money your company can save by packaging a ready-made CRM into your product offerings can be staggering, as well as result in tangible sales benefits. Your clients want to keep their costs down and their services streamlined, so why not offer them everything they need in one convenient place?

Today, we’ll discuss how to boost your business’s revenue by utilizing white label CRM and outline the ways it can enhance your brand positioning, brand awareness, and profits. 

What is White Label CRM software?

When people talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), they’re usually referring to a software tool that helps businesses monitor and manage their customers, contacts, and potential leads. The goal of CRM software is to help businesses learn about their clients while gaining leads and closing sales faster and more efficiently.

CRM software doesn’t stop there, however. It also can be used to manage your vendor contacts and monitor internal sales activities, as well as track customer inquiries across different communication channels, keep up with social media activity, and more. White label CRM software can either be purchased in full or leased through a subscription plan instead. It all depends on the agreement between the software company you purchase from and your business.

White label CRM is a fantastic option for companies that don’t have (or simply don’t want to invest) the time and money it takes to set up their own CRM, hire and train staff, and take on the burden of maintaining the software, but can benefit from bundling it in with their services and upselling such a product to their clients. A white label CRM allows your company to use onsite CRM according to your needs within your business scope, and outsource the more technical aspects of the service to a dedicated white label partner. 

What are the benefits of CRM software?

It isn’t by chance that CRM software is currently the fastest growing software market, with revenues expected to reach $82 billion by 2025. Besides such undeniable market growth, there are many other reasons white label CRM can be beneficial to your company. Let’s get acquainted with those now.

How White Label CRM can boost revenue

1. Boosts marketing efforts

Determining which marketing techniques are the best investment for your business can be quite difficult without data-driven guidance. CRM programs offer tools such as marketing automation, easily-implementable landing pages, email surveys, lead nurturing features, and ever-important email marketing services, all driven by customer data. With these additions, you are your own one-stop marketing shop and can provide these tools to further your clients’ marketing efforts without the up-front investment of handling everything in-house. 

White label CRM frees you up to offer an all-in-one solution to your clients and put the logistical tasks in the hands of a trusted partner, so your business can keep focusing on nurturing leads and serving your clientele.

2. More transparency of business practices and what works

Investing your resources in efforts that will positively affect your  ROI is imperative, and to do so you will want to know the ins and outs of your business analytics. CRM systems give you and your clients the ability to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights and give both a better understanding of what strategies and campaigns are working and which aren’t. 

With White Label CRM, your clients have hard data to support their marketing efforts, and visibility into where they see a return on their marketing dollars. You give your clients the tools to succeed and reap the benefits of satisfied clientele without the financial investment in building your own software. 

3. Channel management made easy

Acquiring credible leads is only one part of lead management — you also need to be able to keep track of them and nurture them through the sales funnel. This can be especially difficult if you are using reseller distribution channels or selling the products through third-party agents. White Label CRM software can keep your clients updated on the progress of their leads and also reassigns them to other channels easily. White label CRM can sift through possible leads to help identify which ones are the most likely to convert into sales as well as which ones are dead ends, meaning happy clients and a successful product offering in your catalog.

Quality White label CRM platforms come with built-in integrations for all your clients’ channels. They can use this software as a hub for all of the programs, social media channels, email platforms, and other applications that they use on a daily or weekly basis. Instead of logging into each account individually cross-checking data, and wasting time. Instead, they have all the insights they need in a centralized CRM tool, and you look like the hero.

4. Service scaling

Being able to provide services that are relevant and up-to-date can be hard in the age of rapid technology growth. Offering tools and applications to your clients that are the best in the industry is also something that is necessary but can be difficult to develop, manage, and upgrade in-house. Scaling those services internally requires substantial financial investment, staffing, labor hours, and time away from your core business offerings. 

White Label CRM takes that burden off your shoulders and allows you to offer all of the services you need to provide your clients. While you focus on providing the services your company specializes in, your White Label CRM partner provides its own special set of solutions and services to the client that comes branded under your name. 

5. New revenue streams

Diversifying your product offerings to meet the needs of your clientele is the nature of the industry. Client demands only increase over time and making sure you have the tools necessary to promote their success is crucial to the continued growth of your business.  

With a trusted White Label partner, you know the software offered is legitimate, and you have the backend support you need to keep your operations running smoothly. This revenue stream comes without the added staffing and training that would otherwise be needed as well, saving your employees time and offering your business the scalability of a much larger enterprise.

6. Attracts a new type of client

Let’s face it — many potential clients are looking for a service provider that has everything they need in a one-stop shop. No small business owner wants to chase down multiple industry partners for each aspect of their marketing toolkit. Moreover, most clients will simply click away to a competitor who does offer everything they need to further their marketing efforts if they see that your offerings are limited. 

These potential clients that are looking for CRM services are familiar with what the software can do and they want to get the product from a business that they can trust and rely on. Fostering long-lasting business relationships through comprehensive support and reliable tools is the most direct way to client acquisition and retention. Positive experiences with your team, improved ROI via your services, and word of mouth can lead to even more potential clients becoming paying clients. 

Additional ways White Label CRM can increase revenue

  • Better, more organized data collection and utilization
  • Improved customer relationships and streamlined experiences 
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved teamwork and communication

Things to look for in a White Label CRM

Not all White Label CRMs are created equal, so when choosing the software you want to sell to your clients, there are a few must-haves to check off the list. These include: 

  • A complete solution, not just a product
  • A good quality-to-price ratio
  • End-user friendly
  • Seamless integration 
  • Customizability
  • Software support for you and your clients

Your first choice in White Label CRM solutions

Our name says it all! White Label CRM has been the lead of white labeling CRM for over 12 years and has worked with hundreds of companies trying to be successful with a white label CRM. We know what it takes to be successful and we know the profile of the partner who will struggle to get their program off the ground.

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